Ending on a high!

To end this successful 2017-2018 academic year for BAFA Schools, Assistant Manager for Schools, Roger Smithies, delivered School Games activities to 78 youngsters at Alcester Grammar School. Helped by some of his own youth team, the students were put through an engaging session of drills and games. Key to this day was the help provided by Roger’s own players. BAFA Schools is currently completing a new ‘Touchdown Junior Flag Activator Certificate’ that is being project-managed by the Youth Sport Trust’s i-academy. This is part of the package of Leadership Pathways that all NGBs in the School Games must provide. Two of BAFA’s Leadership Pathways – Touchdown Buddies (primary) and the Touchdown Junior Flag Activator Certificate (secondary) are going to be piloted ‘live’ by two schools in September. It is this latter Certificate that Roger’s team-members would get the most out of and there is no reason why National League Clubs with youth teams could not run this certificate to enable its own youngsters to help deliver football activity in schools (under, and with, appropriate supervision, of course!). More information will be available in September.