Careers with British American Football

As a volunteer sport, the only ‘careers’ that are on offer are generally unpaid. That said however, the sport does offer some opportunities for paid work through the following three avenues;

Officiating: Flag and full-contact National League Games (at senior, junior and youth level) are officiated by British American Football Referees Association trained officials. They are paid per game with expenses. Please follow this link to their website for more information:

Delivering: There several private providers who will run courses in schools and during the school holidays that have full- and part-time staff. Usually, playing experience, a Level 1 qualification and a DBS check are a minimum requirement.

The NFL in London: The NFL offer two broad types of job. Firstly, administration, secretarial and more specialised ‘internships’ (Team Liaison Officer, for example) at their London Office. These are rare and advertised on specialised social media. Secondly, very short-contract jobs associated with the International Series games in London (selling merchandise etc).