Courses for students

The Touchdown Programme offers several awards for students that can be used to support both the School Games and AQA’s Level 1/2 Award in Sport qualification. The first three are self-certificating (SC) and provide a teacher’s guide with explanatory notes, the fourth is externally verified (EV) by BAFA;

For primary schools

Touchdown Buddies (basic skills and health and safety awareness, SC).

For secondary schools

Touchdown Team-mates (focus is on player skills, SC) and Touchdown Respect (focus on officiating skills, SC).

Touchdown Junior Flag Activator Certificate and although builds on the previous awards, is a stand-alone course that assumes no prior knowledge).

Touchdown Buddies, Touchdown Team-mates and Touchdown Respect packs can be ordered direct from: Wotton Printers:

For information on the Touchdown Junior Flag Activator Certificate contact: