Link to AQA website and full Specification

To access the full Level 1/2 Award in Sport Specification, visit the AQA website.

Delivering the new AQA Level 1/2 Award in Sport in the absence of full DfE Approval

Schools should consider that because of the DfE approved Section 96 funding for the Award it is a golden opportunity to deliver this exciting Award as part of Core PE or the basis of an after-school club. This will allow teachers to get to grips with American Flag football without ‘risk’ because this current Award will not count toward the school’s Performance Table standing. However, it will also not compromise that standing either – and the students will get a GCSE equivalent qualification that contains transferable skills, great for their Personal Statements, UCAS application or CVs! If the school is delivering American Flag football as part of their School Games provision, students can gain the required 2/3rds of their assessment evidence from that competition framework as players, coaches, officials and organisers!