New dawn after successful summer!

At BAFA’s AGM held at Allianz Park in London, on September 22nd 2018, the new Board of Directors was elected to lead BAFA into a new dawn for British American Football! Rob Rooksby (BAFA’s Manager for Schools) said; ‘I was really impressed by the members of the new Board in their professionalism, attitude, understanding and enthusiasm. I feel very positive and optimistic that this new Board will take British American Football to the next level!’. Obviously, huge thanks and acknowledgment must go to the out-going Board and in particular Martin Cockerill and Russ Hewitt who have successfully led British American Football for the last few years. The new structure of Governance has retained some previous members, appointed and elected new members, some based on their American Football experience but most on their individual skill-sets. Rooksby continued: ‘As an ex-School Governor myself for 7 years at one of the largest schools in the UK and one that attended different Governor Meetings every two weeks throughout the school year, I have a very good feeling about this new Board and I really like what I am seeing and hearing from them. The British American Football community should now look forward with a great deal of optimism that this Board will be advancing the growth of American Football in the UK over the next few years.’
The new Board will build on what has been a very successful summer for BAFA; the full 11v11 GB Women’s Team are already ranked 2nd in Europe and 4th in the World, the GB Men’s Team is now ranked 5th in Europe and will be preparing for the World Championships in 2022, GB Men’s and GB Women’s Flag Teams are both 3rd in Europe, there has been growth in all levels of junior flag, growth in U17 full-contact, adult flag with stabilising numbers in women’s and men’s full-contact. The 84 teams that play in the BUCS University League, continue to thrive and there is much development going-on in community clubs up and down the country. All-in-all, people new to the sport will be very surprised at how much American Football is played every week in every corner of the UK, from Cornwall to Scotland! And how fast interest is growing in schools, as teachers realise that it is not just another throw, catch and run, invasion game but a sport that actively encourages the development of social and communication skills in youngsters, in a way that other sport can’t.
Added to all of these developments comes the unanimous election of Rob Rooksby to the position of Vice-Chair for the National Council for School Sport (NCSS) (, an organization that has been involved with school sport for over 70 years! A key role that the modern NCSS plays, is as the gateway for UK schools to the International School Sport Federation (ISF). BAFA has been working quietly to get American Flag Football into the ISF for the last few years. Rooksby’s appointment will certainly help in gaining the knowledge and understanding needed to achieve that goal, as well as him being able to contribute to the ongoing evolution of the organisation going forward.
An amazing and exciting time for British American Football and all the people involved and also for people to get involved! See also: