Sky Sport visit Gravesend Dynamite!

On Saturday October 6th and with huge thanks to the London office of the NFL, a Sky Sports film-crew visited a wheelchair sport event hosted by Gravesend Dynamite Club at Northfleet Youth Centre. The piece was to showcase the new, inclusive wheelchair American Flag Football format, being developed by BAFA and Gravesend Dynamite.
In attendance was NFL Team Liaison Manager, Gerry Anderson, who took time out of a very busy pre-International Series work-load to come down and observe the format in person.
Also attending was Rani Lewinson (Floreal Sports) and Chris Towler (Worcester University) who both participated in the training session and games thus demonstrated how truly inclusive the format is.
For schools, this version of the sport offers a number of opportunities for both wheelchair users and non-wheelchair users alike, something that BAFA hopes schools will consider carefully, especially with certain funding streams being available to support such inclusive work.
A super day and a super session! Many thanks to Jason Owen and all the club members of Gravesend Dynamite Club for their continued hard-work and enthusiasm in helping to develop this version of the sport. Date and time of broadcast tbc.