Super BBC TV and Radio coverage!

As BAFA’s new and inclusive Wheelchair American Flag Football format continues to evolve, it was with great pleasure that BBC South East came and filmed another session at Gravesend Dynamite’s club. BBC reporter, Juliette Parkin (fresh back from a trip to Africa to film Dame Kelly Holmes) came and filmed the session and interviewed a number of those people present. This was followed-up with a live BBC Radio Kent interview on the ‘Drive with Troup and Denham’ show (available for the next 28 days on the BBC iPlayer); (go to time 1:47:00).
The inclusive nature of the sport, in that it must be played in wheelchairs, but the players do not have to be wheelchair users, makes it an ideal sport for a school with only a few wheelchair users. In this format, non-wheelchair using learners can play and integrate alongside wheelchair learners. True inclusion.
As with standard flag, this sport offers some unique benefits to its players. Whilst structurally it is a ‘throw-catch-run’ invasion game, its functionality is a game of set-pieces that need to be created, discussed, evaluated in the ‘huddle’ before each play. This gives children a unique opportunity to develop important social and communication skills that other sports simply cannot match. With careful support and coaching, children can be gently nurtured through the challenges of conflict resolution, leadership responsibility, negotiation and ‘failure-management’ when a play does not work because the Receiver misses the catch, or the Quarterback throws a bad ball. No other sport can develop these important life-skills in the same way and with the same intensity, especially during the game itself!
There are some exciting plans being developed and these will be revealed over the next few months. Watch this space!