Recommended Activities for Assessment

In AQA’s Level 1/2 Award, students must create a portfolio of evidence for Units 1 & 2 showing that they have met the assessment criteria as it is presented in the Specification.

To make this easy for students and teachers to achieve in American Football, BAFA would like to direct teachers and their students to certain organisations and activities that it would recommend as examples of good practice or appropriate to use as evidence and which, therefore, BAFA would highly recommend;

For Unit 1: Player Performance and for Unit 2: Coaching and Officiating or Organising

Using any of the following;

  • the School Games competition framework.
  • BAFA National League Flag Football competition framework.
  • a registered ‘School Games Friendly’ club’s activities.
  • a member of the ‘University Schools Partnership’ for BUCS University teams*.
  • a member of the ‘Schools Partnership’ for private providers*.

*For further details about either how to become a member of these or for a list of members, please email