Touchdown Family Walking Flag Football

BAFA is currently developing a version of the 5v5 flag format called ‘Walking Family Flag Football’. Aimed at the age group 5-85 years, this is intended as a mixed-age/mixed gender variation of normal BAFA Flag Football. Designed to be safe for those age groups to play together yet still retains the excitement of flag football as being both an invasion game and a ‘pursuit’ game.

The Rules for this game are the same as normal flag football rules but with the following essential rule changes;

For safety reasons, the School Games Primary School ultra-lightweight Kicking Football, should be used to protect young, old and fragile fingers. This can be ordered from Youth Sport Direct.

The flag belts normally used should be replaced by one length of silk-like material, about 1 yard long, and about 8’’ wide, tied with a knot 6’’ along one end. This end is tucked into a player’s jersey or top between the shoulder blades so that it hangs down the middle of the back like a pony-tail. The silk-like material won’t snag on the players jersey and for elderly players it will mean they won’t need to bend-over (potentially losing their balance) to make a tackle (as would be the case with normal hip-worn flag-belts).

The second essential rule-change is that when a Receiver catches the ball, the Defensive player marking them must stand still and cannot tackle them. It is the other Defensive players who must now pursue the ball-carrier. This preserves the essential pursuit element that normally happens when Receivers catch the ball and try to get away from Defenders.

This format can include a fourth down field-goal attempt when a team has not moved the ball out of their half. A small target area 2-yds x 2-yds is set-up behind the end-zone and the Offense delivers a 8-step field goal kick (please see example video ‘Field Goal Challenge’).


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