The science of intervention

BAFA has completed its first scientific research study into the effectiveness of an American Football intervention programme in two London schools. Data analysis is currently being conducted with publication of the results expected later in the year. The research is the result of a collaboration between BAFA, Floreal Sports and that has been ongoing for about a year. Anecdotally, those that deliver the sport quickly discover that it is a very different sporting experience for youngsters and with its innate philosophies encapsulated in BAFA’s Touchdown Football approach of ‘Student, Person, Player’ it also has what every school would want to see developed in their own students. However, there is little empirical evidence for such claims and the BAFA Schools Scientific Research Group is keen to address that deficit in the literature. It is easy to say it is a great sport to raise (amongst other things) self-esteem and self-confidence in those that may not have been successful in other sports but another thing to objectively demonstrate that! What is clear and has been demonstrated is that it is inclusive, highly adaptable for those with learning difficulties (since it is not an ‘intuitive’ sport) and those with limited mobility.