Welcome by the BAFA Manager for Schools

Play, Discover, Excite

American football in the UK is experiencing exciting growth as a sport. With more interest around the NFL games, with the sport now part of the School Games and with a new, modern and deliverable offer at a GCSE equivalent level, youngsters have never had a better chance to try-out this fast and exciting invasion game.

I came into the sport as an ‘interested neutral’. Not an ex-player or fan initially and to be honest a little suspicious of the ‘hype’. Once I started delivering the sport and watched the reactions of the youngsters I was coaching, I saw how engaged the most disengaged students could become, how they discovered talents and abilities they never knew they had! I realised that this was a sport that naturally fulfils a school’s essential aspirations. Ironically, it is also one of the most British of sports (because nowhere in sport have I seen the concept of ‘fair-play’ so advanced in terms of the way a sport is structured and operates).

Teachers will find both free resources and CPD opportunities on this site to support them in their efforts. Whilst this site is primarily aimed at teachers, hopefully parents and students alike will find much of use here.

Rob Rooksby

For further information contact: schools@britishamericanfootball.org